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Skills Focus Description Location
Tumble  1 Jr (ages 5-7)Tumble 1 Sr (ages 8-12)


Rolling,Handstands,Cartwheels,Bridge skills,Handspring drills This is a tumbling class for beginners. Participants will build strength, flexibility, and coordination. Excellent for anyone with an interest in gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance. Alamo Family Fitness Center(AFFC)
Tumble Level 2 (ability-based) Must have passed level 1 or be able to perform a roundoff, backbend, bridge kickover, and handstand-to-bridge Front and back limbers,Front and back handsprings,Roundoff back handspring Building off of Tumble 1, Tumble 2 will introduce participants to more dynamic forms of tumbling and will start connecting skills together. Alamo Gymnastics Center(AGC)
Tumble Level 3(ability-based) Must have passed level 2 or be able to perform a standing back handspring and roundoff back handspring Connected back handsprings,Back tucks,Aerials,Etc. Builds off of Tumble 2. More time will be devoted to strength-building as participants begin to perform more and more difficult tumbling skills. Alamo Gymnastics Center(AGC)