Were proud of our history and look forward to a bright future!

Alamo Gymnastics Center began operations in April 1998. Three corporate goals and three gymnastic goals were set.  To be a contributing member of corporate society, to serve with distinction the constituencies associated with AGC and to provide an ideal work place, job security and benefits to employees summarizes the corporate objectives. To generate gymnasts who are fit, confident and emotional well-balanced, to develop a class curriculum that provides an enjoyable and beneficial experience, and to develop a team program that will enable gymnasts to achieve their greatest potential through competition at the state, regional, national and international levels summarizes the gymnastics goals.

The ten-year anniversary of Alamo Gymnastics Center (AGC) is highlighted by expansion. Expansion in the number of programs offered, in the number of gymnasts participating.  As of December of 2007 over 32,000 children and young adults have been a part of the AGC programs with approximately 2,800 students having been part of the Junior Olympic Team Program. AGC presently competes over 100 Level 4 through Level 10 boy and girl competitive gymnasts. We have recently upgraded the Developmental and Rising Star Programs to provide better opportunities for all to advance into the competitive Junior Olympic Program. Numerous team members have finished first in local, state, regional and national meets. Over the years, many gymnasts have been a part of regional or national teams with many going on to participate as NCAA gymnastics at eight major universities. Four have become NCAA “All Americans.” Two of our alumni have participated on two different NCAA teams that were National Champions. Two of AGC’s Alumni were nominated and became finalist (top six NCAA gymnasts in the nation) for the Nissen-Emery Award with one being picked by coaches and fellow gymnasts as the top NCAA gymnast in the US. Click Here for a complete list of Alamo Alumni and Future Recruits.