FAQ and Policies


What should my child wear?

Girls in gymnastics typically wear leotards which we have available in our Pro-Shop, however, this is not required.  We do require girls to wear a form fitting t-shirt or tank top along with knit shorts.  Please have your child pull their hair back away from their face as needed.  Boys should come dressed in t- shirts and athletic shorts.  All kids will go into the gym barefoot.


How experienced is your coaching staff?

All our coaches are safety certified through USA Gymnastics. Many of them were former gymnasts or cheerleaders and have years of experience to guide your child or young adult. Our team coaches have extensive national and international experience.


Does Alamo Gymnastics offer a free trial class?

In order to protect the current students’ class experience, we do not provide trial classes.  However, new students to Alamo Gymnastics may register, pay in full for the session and attend the first class.  If the first class is what you expected or your child will not participate, we will refund 100% of tuition and registration as long as we are notified within 48 hours of attending the class.  After this time, there is a 30 day drop notice for the student.

You are encouraged and welcome to observe classes from the lobby area anytime.  We have windows that look into all areas of the gym.  This provides an opportunity to view the facility and watch a class in action to determine if it may be a good fit for your child.


Do you have a registration fee?

We have an Annual Maintenance Fee  or AMF paid upon initial registration, and then annually on the anniversary month of your child’s registration. This fee is required for our developlemental classes along with our After School and Mothers Day Out programs.  Our monthly tuition programs may require a different AMF based on the number of practice  hours in the gym.


How long until my child becomes an Olympian?

Here at Alamo, we use guidelines developed by USA Gymnastics for evaluation and progression. Each athlete has a skills sheet which contains a range of skills required to advance on each gymnastics apparatus. After completing a minimum of 90% of these skills your child will be promoted to the next level. A beginner gymnast would start at Level I Bronze then progress to Level I Silver, then Level I Gold, followed by Level II Bronze, etc. Our coaches are constantly evaluating and on the lookout for athletes who show promise and potential for further development in our competitive team programs. There are multiple factors involved with the training of an elite gymnast – ranging from extraordinary talent to commitment, dedication and rigorous work ethic. We have gymnasts who compete in the Junior Olympics and go on to NCAA competition at universities and military academies nationwide.


What is Alamo Gymnastics?

Alamo Gymnastics Center was founded in 1998 with a vision toward quality child development, to enhance both physical and mental discipline in athletes, allowing them to succeed in all facets of life and face daily challenges. Ten years later with the addition of the Alamo Family Fitness Center in the adjoining complex, we have increased our range of offerings to include  day camps and after school care.


What if my child misses a class?

If your child misses a Super Stars or Level 1-3 (Girls, Boys, or Tumble) class, or you know ahead of time they will be absent for a class, you have the opportunity to schedule a make-up in one of the predetermined make-up dates.

Super Stars and Level 1 make ups will take place at 4PM in the Alamo Family Fitness Center (AFFC).

Level 2 and 3 make ups will take place at 5PM in the Alamo Gymnastics Center (AGC).

The scheduled make up classes are the ONLY available options for making up a missed class, NO EXCEPTIONS.   Make-ups must be scheduled AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE through the front desk.

 Make-up Day reminders:

  1. Please arrive on time for warm up so Alamo coaches can efficiently divide up students.
  2. Students should arrive wearing appropriate apparel and with hair tied back.
  3. Students will most likely have a different coach than in their normal Recreational class.
  4. We cannot guarantee that your student will be placed with only other students of their age and level.  Alamo coaches will divide up the group based on what makes the most sense given the amount of students attending and available space and coaching.  Jr-level students, Sr-level students, tumblers, gymnasts, boys and girls should all be prepared to practice with students from a different group, class level or gender.

Due to available coaching and equipment, make-up day spaces are limited; however, our goal is to accommodate as many families as possible.  If you are signed up for a make-up  day and discover for whatever reason that you will be unable to attend, please call the Alamo Front Desk with as much warning as possible so we can reach out to those on the waitlist.

If your family fails to provide prior notification to Alamo Gymnastics of your inability to attend your make-up class, future make-ups will be scheduled on a waitlist basis only.


What if I need to withdraw from a class or program:

While we hate to see our families go, we understand the circumstances change and you can no longer attend class. You MUST GIVE WRITTEN NOTICE at the front desk or through the Parent Portal in order to drop a class.  Alamo Gymnastics requires a 30 day WRITTEN NOTICE to the FRONT DESK.  Phone calls, talking to a coach or emailing a coach will NOT serve as notice.  Once you drop a class you are not guaranteed a spot in that class if you want to re-enroll.  In the case of an injury, the drop date is effective the day following the receipt of the doctors note.  In order to hold your spot(monthly only), you must stay continuously enrolled and be current on payments.  Refunds will be based on the date the official, written notice is received at the front desk.  No refunds will be given prior to that.  If your child is injured, please email us a copy of the doctors note to info@alamogymnastics.com.